vesicle (plural vesicles )

  1. (cytology) A membrane-bound compartment found in a cell.
  2. A small bladderlike cell or cavity.
  3. (anatomy) A small sac or cyst or vacuole, especially one containing fluid. A blister formed in or beneath the skin, containing serum. A bleb.
  4. (anatomy) A pocket of embryonic tissue that is the beginning of an organ.
  5. (geology) A small cavity formed in volcanic rock by entrapment of a gas bubble during solidification.

7 letters in word "vesicle": C E E I L S V.

No anagrams for vesicle found in this word list.

Words found within vesicle:

cee cees ceil ceils cel cels ciel ciels cis civ cive cives civs cleve cleves clevis clies ee eel eels eisel el els else elves es esile eve eves evil evils ice ices is isle lee lees lei leis les lev leve levies levis li lice lie lies lieve lis live lives sec see seel sei seil sel sele si sic sice sieve sile slee slice slive vee vees veil veils vele veles vice vices vie vies vile vis vise vlei vleis vlies